Was it hot in 2019?

2019 ends in the middle of a catastrophic bushfire disaster across Australia. Millions of acres of bushland have been burnt and dozens of fires continue to rage. Even the last day of the year was marked by new reports of deaths, houses lost and mass evacuations. We hope for a better 2020 to all those affected, and thank all those making practical steps and personal sacrifice to keep people safe.

The other huge weather story of 2019 is an ongoing drought right across Australia. 100% of NSW is drought declared, and large parts of all other mainland states have areas with the lowest rainfall on record.

The heat has been brutal this year, starting with January being Australia's hottest month since records began.

On 24th January 2019, central Adelaide (Kent Town) hit 47.7°C, while the official Adelaide weather observation station (West Terrace) hit 46.6°C - a new record for an Australia capital city.

December the heat was again unprecedented, smashing records for the average maximum temperature across the continent.

For the 31st of December, four of isithotrightnow's stations recorded "Hell Yeah!" levels of heat (top 5th percentile for this time of year). All city's copped it at some stage, but our heatmaps below show particularly brutal December's for Alice Springs, Canberra, Darwin and Perth.

We summarise the isithot year below...


Alice Springs





Melbourne West


Sydney City

Sydney West